Sunday, January 2, 2011


The early morning suns rays just trying to break through the mist

 Just before we left our last camp spot Stuart got up early and got these amazing photos of the insect world at work

On arrival in Narribri we thought a couple of days there would suit for me to wash and clean the van.  The new washing maching in the Lotus got a work out with 5 loads of washing.  This is because we could only do about 2.5 kilos at a time but we got the sheets, towels, clothes, mats done fairly quickly.
We went up to Kaputar (Cap-U-Tar) as there were supposed to be some really fantastic walks up there.
Yes.... I thought maybe I was pushing my knee a bit too far but - what the heck.  We picked a relatively easy walk about 2 kms long and over bush scrub and about a 1/3 of it was over an ancient lava flow to a view down into the valley far below.  I made it in and I actually made it out.  I must admit,. I checked my phone to see if I had coverage so that if the inevitable happened I could call in the paramedics but I made it.  2,5 months our of a complete knee replacement and I was bush walking.  WOW!!!

Across the lava flow were yellow markers so that you didn't get lost - it was very vast

As Friday was New Years Eve we went about a block from the park to the RSL Club for dinner.  What a great place.  We ordered drinks, then a meal all from our table with a button on the table number thingy (technical term for I don't know after 3 wines) and a waitress was soon hovering to get our slightest wish.  we ordered our meal and next thing the lights dimmed and suddenly thundered clashed and lightening struck and I thought a storm had burst overhead but what actually happened was the club had electronically organised the whole thing down to the lights dimming, thunder clashing, lightening flashing then from the corrigated iron roof came water dropping into channels on the floor and then it slowly eased and the frogs croaked and the lights came up and that was the end of that until about an hour it started again.  A credit to the Narrabri RSL for a great night and a very entertaining one..
New Years Eve had little significance for us tonight as we were in bed fairly early and it was all over until 1.1.11.
The first day of the year saw us traveling form Narribri through to Coonabararan where we stopped at the information centre and saw the fossils of an ancient wombat animal called a DIPROTODON .

with a stop off at the PILAGA FORREST POTTERY place where I purchased my first birthday present for 2011.
Yes girls you can guess who it is for - till one of you actually get it.

This is the family home of the German people who own and run Pilliga Pottery.  I can only guess that it is based on traditional country German homes.

This tree is just outside the workshop and is made entirely of earthenware - incredible

We travelled on to theWARRUMBUNGLE NATIONAL PARK where we camped up for the night.  For a small fee we got power and that is all.  What a lovely place. 

This root formation has been eroded by the creek that runs down the side of the camp at the Warrumbungles

Stuart went for a swim in the creek nearby but it was too cool for me.  We had to juggle for space with the kangaroos and the lone goanna and that brought back memmories of when we went up to the Blackdown Tablelands with the Moores and Uncle Terry fed the Goanna eggs.  what great memories.!!!!  There were about 4 vans in sight and it was just great.

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