Tuesday, January 18, 2011

15.1.11 F Guyra NSW Lamb and Potato Festival

At the end of day 4 of the festival and it has been a few good days.  We secured a good spot along the strip on the Highway (a good spot is one fairly near the toilet from my perspective) but wouldn't you think that a town like Guyra where it is about 16' in the morning and gets down to about 9' at this time of the year would come up with something a little more bum friendly than stainless steel toilet seats.  We are all out of helicoptors and the licorice and candy is going well.  We really thought that it would be a quiet festival due to the flooding up north but at this stage you wouldn't know it.  They have forcasted rain in a few days and so that may slow things down a bit.
The Lamb and Potato pies have been selling really well and so have the Lamb and Vegetable meals been going well. They always put on a "Traders Dinner" one night duroing the festival and this year it will be Monday Night so we are looking forward to that.
Stuart has a thing going with the volunteer lady who mans the Icecream Stand and they trade lolly strips for icecream.  She still likes him even though he inadvertantly sold her lemon instead of mango (she only likes mango) when she came back again for more he had to smuggle her more lemon so she would't know the difference.
We attended the traders dinner and heard of the improvements made through the year and they announced the dates for next year which will probably mean I will not be able to be here due to school committments.
Oh well - that's the way it goes.
I was in trouble yesterday as Stuart had gone for a shower early and the icecream lady Enid came up for her mango lolly fix.  I couldn't get her the lemon without her knowing and there wasn't any mango on display thank goodness, but this morning Stuart took her up her "Mango" and she was happy.

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