Monday, January 24, 2011

Home Again

Touch down in Mackay would have been a rude shock when I stepped out of the plane on the tarmac except that the Qantas flight I was on had no air conditioning.
It was back to reality and back into work mode very quickly with students back Sunday and a full barbque for 150 Sunday afternoon.
Stuart is still in Guyra with the Lamb and Potato Festival finishing on Wednesday of this week and then up to Stanthorpe for the show and then back home.
Thank goodness I have great family who came in and cleaned our house and aired it and a very generous grandson Zac who mowed down the forrest before I got home.  Thanks Zac for saving the pumpkin vine that had almost taken over the entire back yard with butternut pumpkins growing on it.
Here it is Monday and I feel as if I haven't been away but for now its "goodby from her and goodby from me" till our next trip.
I hope I have not bored you all with my musings and not taken up too much of your time keeping up with the Hawkes so stay tuned for our next trip.

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