Wednesday, December 29, 2010

29th December 2010

After leaving the Country Style tourist Accomodation Park this morning we stopped in at the driver reviver at Woolangarra and then put our lives and our watches onto "Silly Time"

We called into Tenterfield and our first stop was the tourist information centre to get directions to an Auto Electrician - yes the fridge still wasn't working on battery.  As the only one was on holidays we decided to check out one in Inverall.
Of course we had to make a stop at the TENTERFIELD SADDLER but neither PETER ALLAN nor LIZA MINELLI  were in attendance today.
I found a lovely wall hanging which I may attempt to copy one day - we'll see.

 We then went on to do some scrub bashing to have a look at THUNDERBOLT'S CAVE and after lunch checked out a strawberry farm where there was a large garden of red hot pokers which we don't get in the tropics. I am sure Shel would love them.

 Stuart knelt to get a photo of the flowere and got a bite from the largest ants I have ever seen.  There were hundreds of them
 Just on the outskirts of Glen Innes is Australia's answer to Stone Henge - Australian standing stones which have a very strong Celtic significance.  There was also a replica of King Arthur's sword which Stuart gallantly tried to remove with very little success.

 There was a little walkway up to the photo shooting area and they had placed a seat there just for me.

 It was then time to move on to a free camp on the outskirts of Tenterfield called BEARDY WATERS WOODLAND PARK which doesn't have a lot of flat ground but is very nice.

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