Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sandra's Trip down Memory Lane

After a request from the west by my friend Sandra Bodycoat to send some photos of Mackay as a trip down memory lane for her, here goes.

Sandra, I don’t know what was here when you lived here and what wasn’t but I have picked a few places that I know you will recognise.

In River Street on the Eastern side of the Forgan Smith Bridge, the area has all  been made into a recreational area with a restaurant, boardwalk, fishing platforms and sound arena where they sometimes have bands playing and the occasional festival.

Round Top and Flat Top Islands from Far Beach

Looking along the foreshore from just on the south breakwater at all the multi story apartments and the start of hundreds of yachts at the Marina

The undercover play area to the south of the now Surf Lifesaving Club where there is a great recreational area

Further along that same area

Lots of shade areas and barbeques but you have to be quick to get a spot

Part of the recreational area looking towards the old Post Office in River Street.  Immediately to right is a cafe

Looking East in same area with Paxtons just left of centre and further down is the Fish Market with a highrise where the Crown Hotel was.

West up River Street towards Canelands with St Pats Catholic Church and more highrises in the back ground

Caneland has been nearly doubled in size now with the introduction of the Myer store and a lot of Specialty Stores and a 3 story car park on the river side.  Along the River Street side of the Centre are about 5 Restaurants including Sizzler which are accessible after hours.

There are a lot of high-rise apartment blocks around the CBD with a few between Caneland and the Forgan Smith Bridge and 4 or 5 springing up in the City Heart as well.

A few changes have occurred around your old stamping grounds, the Andergrove Caravan Park, with houses encroaching on the boundaries and a waterski playground opposite the BMX track.

A waterski Park right next to the Andergrove Caravan Park with a housing estate growing around it

The BMX park up and across from the caravan park

The intersection that headed left towards the school.  Over the other side of that still on Beaconsfield road is a large retirement village

Andergrove Caravan Park

And Again

The ski park again
The harbour has grown incredibly since you were here, with multi story apartment blocks springing up where the surf used to tumble to shore and a large recreation area and barbeques to the south of the swimming area which is packed each weekend.

Whitsunday has grown also to 70 odd students, and about 7 staff to cater for Monday to Friday and a small group who are full time.  I have got Kathy, my daughter running the place for me while I travel and 3 other staff rostered over the 7 days so we have grown as well.

This is short and sweet but will give you an idea on how things are shaping up in the metropolis of Mackay.

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