Sunday, September 29, 2013

Christmas in September Right Down the Coast

After arriving back from overseas, our plan was to head south to Tasmania for about 6 months but before we could do that we had to have Christmas with family in Clermont, Mackay, Rockhampton, Ipswich and Brisbane.
Christmas in Clermont was lovely and we picked up the van which boarded with Annie and family while we were away.
Annie, Dale, Deanna, Kimberly and Thomas.
The McMillan Clan

Stuart and his oldest son James

We then came into Mackay and parked up at Kylies at Rural View and Kathy put on one of the best Christmas Dinners ever.  She worked so hard to make it special.  Thanks Kath, we both really appreciate it.
The decorated dining room for Christmas in Mackay

Joel and his girlfriend Stacy

Ricki Lee


Kathy, Kylie and Me

Mikynlee, Ricki Lee, Emma and Kath

The Geoghegans

The Reeves

The Mackay Grandkids, Corbin, Ricki Lee, Mikynlee, Joel and Zac........Emma where are you????

Down to Rocky and Tracy had booked the Frenchville Sports Club which proved a bit noisy for my aging mother in law but we all had a great night.
Dear old Nan (who really doesn't drink) and Pam, her daughter

Tracy and boyfriend Tony

Joe and Connor

Nicky and Ryan

We've been mates for a long time.
(My Mother in Law and I)
From there we headed down to Brisbane and had a great meal with Andrew and Tom.
Tom and Andrew

The next night we lined up for a similar night with Brett, Katrina, Mia and Eithen in Ipswich.
Brett and Katrina with Mia and Eithen

With our Christmas parties out of the way we were all set to head to Tasmania and cross on the Ferry on the 9th November.

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