Friday, November 2, 2012

BRETT'S 40th

Well yet another trip back home for a few meetings and then back to Ipswich where we took a quick trip to Warwick to pick up the other vehicle and back to get ready for Brett's 40th.

Instead of a full pig on a spit he decided to go with 2 legs still on a spit and Vegies and salad.

About 30 people were there to help him celebrate and the kids had a great time. 
Bretts Photo Board

Looks good enough to eat

Just because I am going to make a speech doesn't mean they have to time me

Brett with Mia and Eithen

Eithen engrosed in Grandma's speach

Mum and Tracy

Mia and Dad

Andrew, Tom and me

Obviously Dad didn't teach Andrew not to poke tongues

No explanation needed

Eithen in his sports chair

After a few drinks, it is a bit hard to know where to place your feet

After bad behavour he is sent to the enclosure to light the fire

Over the few days Stuart had our camp cooker lit and the kids did toasted marshmallows til they all had major sugar fixes and grandma was sick of sitting in front of the fire.

  Unfortunately large fires over towards Brisbane caused a lot of smoke haze and the spectacular mountain views were not as nice as usual.

We left Ipswich for Toowoomba on Tuesday morning to catch up with expats from Mackay the Thessmans and Phill Daley who is stationed in Warwick.
We had just collectively put $2 each on keno and won $1.50
I now know why I don't bet on Keno!!

Phil had a bet on the pikies and ended up a little better??

Doug and Kaye also make the yearly pilgrimage to Toowoomba in October and plans will be made for the same time next year.

With Victoria beckoning us we left Toowoomba Sunday morning and after a free camp near Narrabri we stopped for smoko about 10 am.  A little van pulled up near us and the driver and his partner were on their way home from a country music festival where he plays a gum leaf and recites his own poetry, so we were entertained with an impromptu poem or two and then he played happy birthday to me for today on a gum leaf. The entertainer was Gary Lowe who turned out to be very talented and had appeared on Red Faces, Australia's got Talent and a few other shows.


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