Friday, November 30, 2012


Andrews 30th Birthday Party went off as only Andrew would have planned.  Lovely Venus, spectacular food, great conversation and lovely people.
Andrew and Tom

Andrew's brother James

"Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walked into mine."
quote (Humphrey Bogart - Casablance)

Lyn and I and our friend at the wine bar

Andrew with Mum and Dad

On our walk Saturday morning Stuart honed in on a cake shop

Yes - that one

We got to Laverton and left our van at the caravan park there and travelled into Melbourne by train on Saturday morning meeting up with Peter and Sandy at their hotel room.  Enjoyed a few tram rides around Melbourne and saw some of the sights.

We got to the restaurant in time for dinner and the dishes just kept coming.  After that we went to a nice wine bar for a few hours but by 10.30 us oldies were ready for bed.  That is when the evening went pear shaped.

We got to Russell Street Station with no rail person in sight to tell us where to go and found a police officer who showed us which platform to go to for our train.  Found that and heard the announcement that the train to Laverton would arrive in about 35 minutes.  5 minutes out another announcement that that train had been cancelled.  Others waiting for the same train suggested we go with them and catch another train part of the way and then we could share a cab.  Time line 11.30pm

We followed our good Samaritans and eventually got on the other train which thankfully was going to Laverton to our relief.  Arrival at Laverton – time line about 12.45am. 
Small rail station, away from anywhere, cold, tired, sore footed we rang for a cab – 4 times in fact to be told it would arrive shortly.  Yes one did and yes we eventually got into bed – time line 3.00am.......

Sunday we caught the train back into Melbourne to book into the same hotel this time for 3 days, had a lovely time with Peter and Sandy before they left to go back to Canberra where we will join them again for Christmas.

Andrew had booked us on the Melbourne Restaurant Tram for Dinner that night and we enjoyed a 4 course spectacular dinner while riding round Melbourne in an old tram with drinks all inclusive from champagne on arrival through to cognac or liquors at the end.

Back at Laverton we met up with John and Jenny again.  They stayed with us for 3 days and on the Saturday we went to the largest market I have ever been to with thousands of stalls inside and out.  Said good bye to the Varadys Sunday and we left about Wednesday to head east for a few weeks along the Mornington Peninsular and then north towards Canberra , detouring over to Koo-wee-rup and take a trip over to Phillip Island – next time.
At the moment we are at a council caravan park on Mornington about 50 mtrs from Port Phillip Bay.

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