Saturday, September 1, 2012

Leaving Mackay (again)

Leaving today on another leg of our journey.  After weeks at home and coming back and forward a few times from all over the country I know now that we are fully staffed at home with reliable people and with Kath at the helm I think I can now retire (almost) with ease.

It has had its ups though – as without a home to come to I have shared myself with Kathy and Kylie and their familys and have had a great time on a personal level.  Unfortunately at times Kylie and I had toooooo great a time with a third party (grapes) but we had the best time together in years.  Thank you to both my Mackay girls.

Looking forward to catching up with Tracy this afternoon in rocky on our way through and of course Nana.

We will not be back this way until about March 2013 but I will still have to return twice before the end of the year for school business.

From here we go to Nanango for the Country Music Festival and then points south and so hoping to catch up with sisters in Brisbane and looking forward to Brett’s 40th birthday in October  where he is going to have a pig on a spit.  They will be settled into their new home on the outskirts of Ipswich by then and as it is on an acre block there will certainly be somewhere to park the van.
It will be a double celebration when we get to Ipswich as Eithen turned 7 yesterday and a birthday wish on the phone just wasn't enough.

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