Wednesday, August 8, 2012

DARWIN - Last Days

, Our Trip 2012 in a larger map

It seems I am getting a little out of sinc. With my story and photos but I will do a catch up and be ready for the next adventure.

We spent some very memorable days in Darwin taking in some of the places that I visited in the 80’s and also some new ones.

We took a magnificent dinner cruise in the Darwin Harbour which lasted for 4 hours with lovely local oysters and barra on the menu along with a beautiful sunset.

Crocs at Crocodylis Park including this albino one

At the Military Museum sitting on the same gun the kids sat on all those years ago

Around about the spot Kylie tripped up the stairs in the 80's

Darwin city from the Harbour Cruise  

The sun setting over Darwin Harbour in behind smoke

The sun setting behind a pleasure craft going past us on the Harbur

Sitting back relaxing on the Cruise

Feeding fresh water rays at the Wildlife Park

Fish feeding in Darwin

Standing in front of the Top End Hotel where Tracy and Kathy worked in the 90's

We also went to the fish feeding and on a type of boat ramp we stood in water up to our knees and fed barra and other species of fish which were up to 3 feet long swimming around our legs.

Stuart organised for a mobile caravan service person to do a wheel bearing service on the van and found that 3 of the 5 leaf springs on one of the wheels were broken and so averted a very serious and dangerous situation.  He got the springs and as they couldn’t be put on until Tuesday he gets to spend a few more days in Darwin before heading east to join me in Mackay.

Just before I left, the caravan park had a sausage sizzle and mini market to take in the park guests who do “things” on the road and might like to sell them, so we were invited to set up our candy and licorice.  We sold enough to pay for 3 nights’ accommodation and then they bought in a bloke up the road with a 4 ft crocodile for everyone to hold.  Not for me but Stuart did.

I got home to a very stressed Kathy and still no end to the staffing problem so worked all weekend which was a task as I am not used to it any more.  Hopefully by the time I leave we will be fully staffed and Kath can breathe a sigh of relief.

This weekend I am off to Rocky to see Tracy and aq trip down to Yeppoon to catch up with Joe and NIcki and Nana.

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