Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hydeaway Bay 29th September

We felt we needed to get away for a few days R&R and so with our friends Kaye and Doug went to Hydeaway Bay for 4 days.

Doug, Kaye and I at the entrance
What a great idea !!!!!         
Hydeaway Bay is a little piece of paradise just off the highway about 10 kms north of Proserpine in North Queensland about 2 hours from our home in Mackay.

It's a little village of about 50 homes, most with magnificant views of the Whitsunday Passage and the few close islands.

Our little corner of the world

The lovely grassed and cemented pads at the park

But I get ahead of myself - we arrived in Proserpine on day 1 in time to have lunch on the footpath outside somebody's house on a side street and then about 20 minutes on up the highway, right at the turnoff  and into Hydeaway Bay.  What a gem it is.......
The Hydeaway Bay Caravan Park is on about 5 acres of tree'd and grassed area.  It is very clean and tidy and the only sounds to be heard was the birds in the trees which were varied and many.
When we arrived we were handed a welcome booklet (which we had to return) telling us the history of the area, where to go and how to get to Bowen, Proserpine and Airlie Beach.  It also told us about the 50 odd species of wildlife and trees to be seen at the park.
We were set up and on our first cup of tea when the others pulled in in their motor home.
This started 4 days of eating, drinking and chatting - all of which we did to excess.
The best part about the whole experience was that we had NO mobile phone service.  For emergency a one kilometre drive back the way we came in gave us a pocket where we could get reception.

Lunch at Dingo Beach


Kaye and I took turns at cooking the evening meal and
although the idea was not to eat out while we were away we decided to go to the next bay and sample the food at the Dingo Beach Hotel for lunch.
The view was lovely but the meal and the hotel both needed a boost and left a bit to be desired unfortunately.
Stuart walked along the beach to get there but with my knee Doug pulled up stakes and drove his campervan round to lunch.
That afternoon we decided to trek down to the beach from the park along a well worn sandy and rocky track which was signposted to be a 10 minute walk.  This turned into a bit more than that and with my gammy knee was a bit trying but was well worth the walk as it opened out onto a magnificent rocky cove.



Saturday once again saw us all pile into Doug's campervan and head just up the road to "Monty's" Resort for lunch.  Stuart thought he might walk as it wasn't all that far but just as well he didn't as it was a good 10 minute drive over a dirt but well maintained road.

Lunch at Montys

This hill is called "Oh My God Hill"

Monty's have been going for about 30 years and was home for the making of the movie "Castaway" many years ago with Peter Phelps.

(We didn't see him, I think he had left by the time we got there.)

Our final night we availed ourselves of the bar b que area which was very clean and inviting and even had the wood chipped and ready to make a fire.
Stuart was nominated as fire lighter and we all stood around and gave advice

Once he got the fire lit Doug stepped in as chef for the evening and following a lovely meal we ended the evening with a glass or two of wine.

Each night was spent wearing down the battery on my I Phone listening to Irish Music until unfortunately, we were homeward bound Sunday morning, back to reality and work.

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