Sunday, July 26, 2015

Weddings! Parties! Anything!

What a whirlwind trip home I just had.  In under a month, I flew from Dubbo back to Brisbane, saw the eye specialist, had the weekend with Brett, Trina and the kids in Ipswich, back to Brisbane by train on Monday and into the Queensland Eye Hospital to have cataract surgery, with Brett picking me up at the hospital and back to Ipswich for the rest of the week.
Eithen following his school sports day.

Mia showing us one of the poses she had to do for the photo shoot for Cheer.  A sport she loves and is very good at
Eithen mixing it with the big boys playing in his team Queensland Spinning Bullets - the State Wheelchair Basketball Team

While there I watched Eithen play basketball with the Queensland Wheelchair basketball team, The Spinning Bullets, watched Mia, in full costume do some of her moves in Cheer.  I also cooked dinner for Trina for her birthday, Lamb Shanks of course.

Katrina ferried me back to the train on my departure again on the following Sunday and I made my way to Shels at Fig Tree Pocket for 3 days.

A quick flight back to Mackay and in just over a week I caught up with my craft friends, attended a niece's wedding and attended my Grandsons 18th birthday.
Me with my brother Pete and sister Shel

The bride and groom Kel and Phil

Its a very rare occurrence that we get all of us in one photo.
And this wasn't one of them - the person 3rd from the left wasn't really there.
Standing, Chris, Shel, the ring in Pat, Pete, Norn, Susy and me sitting on the hay bale.

The birthday boy Zac Reeves with another ring in me - the party was army themed to commemorate Zac going into the army, but to hold up Kylies Airforce background I wore an Air Force Uniform.

The Reeves family in their Army Fatigues.
Emma, (her pet "Private Monkey"), Kylie, Pete, (Birthday Boy) Zac and Joel

Left Mackay Monday following a lovely mild day Sunday of about 23' to arrive in Sydney and catch a train out to Lithgow where the temperature was a chilly 3' with a wind factor of -6'.

After a couple of days in Lithgow we  headed off towards the North East hoping to stay away from the black ice on the roads.  Just before we got into Bathurst we saw what remained of the snow fall from Sunday Night.  

Camped the night beside the community hall at Illford but the lady at the cafe in Sofala where we stopped on the way through indicated that we could expect snow either tomorrow or the next day.

A few days later we came into the Town of Barrington, a little village just out of Gloucester.  Leaving the van at a flat reserve off the road, we drove about 95 kilos towards Walcha to see a bit more snow.  (You would have thought I was over seeing snow after our trip to Alaska and Switzerland a few years ago.)

The snow was a little over ankle deep but I managed to overbalance and fall


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