Monday, May 18, 2015

Animals on Bikes

In a paddock between Parkes and Condobolin in New South Wales, are the Utes in The Paddock that have been well documented on TV and I mentioned them and added photos to this blog a few years ago.
But now we have Animals on Bikes which is a series of sculptures done by farmers, wives and school kids a few years ago to take farmers minds of the drought and to lift spirits.
We came across them a little while ago.  They are along the road between Molong and the Dubbo Zoo.
There are about 45 in all and up to 2 metres tall.  We stopped while I photographed some and some I left alone because it was just too dangerous to stop while I got the camera out.
I loved them and I hope you enjoy them too.

We also came across a lady traveling alone with this vehicle.  She would just stop in parks in a town and open up her vehicle and sell hand made wind chimes, coloured prisms, sun catchers and other nick nack things.  one night we saw smoke coming from the chimney so she also has a fire in there.  Don't know if I would be game to but she has been doing this for about 15 years now and has had no trouble at all.

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