Sunday, July 8, 2012


The burial place of the Rev John Flynn just a couples of kilometers out of Alice Springs.
 The Royal Flying Doctor Service began as the dream of the Rev John Flynn, a minister with the Presbyterian Church. ‘Flynn of the Inland’ lived in the Outback for most of his life, setting up hostels and bush hospitals for pastoralists, miners, road workers, railwaymen and other settlers.
Sadly he died of cancer in May 1951 but lives on on the front of the Australian $20 note.
Reverend John Flynn

View from Anzsac Hill through Alice towards the Gap.

Yesterday we wet out towards the west driving along the base of the west MacDonnell Range heading to Standley Chasm. This was a distance of about 35 Klm's.
We had to be there by about 11.15am at the latest as we had to buy our permit to enter the area and then walk nearly 2 kilometers up the creek bed to the chasm, to be there by mid day when the sun was right over head to get the best effect of the colors on the sides of the ravine. We weren't disappointed.
The wait was worth it even though the wind channeling through was very cold.

The rock Brett stood on when we were there 30 odd years ago

Looking into the neck of the Chasm beyond the ghost gums

A length of the MacDonnell Range

The mighty Todd River with as much water in it as at any time of the year

Some of the locals at home on the Todd.  Unfurtunately, too many of them call this sandy river bed their home.  We had to be careful as they object to us taking their photo.

We got up this morning with no water coming through the taps as the hose was frozen.  Haven't had that experience since we lived in Moura in the '60's. We got back just in time to meet Kylie's husband Peter's aunt from South Australia.  Lyn met us at a cafe with her daughter Donna and 2 kids and we had about an hour and a half of very pleasant company.

Friday I'll say goodbye to Alice for this year and fly back for a function at school. I fly via Melbourne, Brisbane and then Mackay and will catch up with Stuart in Darwin in about 10 days.

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